Black Mens Motorcycle Leather Pants


Black Mens Motorcycle Leather Pants.



Black Mens Motorcycle Leather Pants

The supple leather is water repellent and in connection with the Dryway + membrane 100% waterproof. But that’s not enough. The leather is pigmented from outside and reflects the sun rays. Thus, the pants heat up less. Here we speak of the revolutionary TFL Cool System. The whole provides additional traction and comfort. The pants are reinforced with hi-art technology. So the pants will protect you from burns and abrasions. The triple seams reduce tearing. Biker buy dboerjes. en lining the Outlast material was used. So that the temperature is regulated and you do not too warm and not too cold. In order to protect you from point loading,

With the protection of a leather pants and the comfort of the water resistance of a textile pants, this model combines the best of both worlds.

W / R Rindnappa
TFL Cool System
Triple Stitch
Protectors adjustable marked
Can be connected with jacket
Adjustable width at the hem

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